You can tell what a lad’s like from which Spice Girl he likes – 12th & 13th January 1998

Monday 12th I got to school this morning and Ralph’s bike wasn’t there. I thought he wasn’t in until I saw that tall, lanky, red-headed figure of his [that I secretly longed for] coming up the stairs.

I saw him again at lunch with 2 doughnuts and an apple. I told him he could’ve paid me back with the money he spent on food but he didn’t take much notice.

After school, Becky the Year 9 was reading parts of a letter that had been written to her by Anna Collins. She said we were okay when she came out with us. We now also know that Dougie likes indie music and not the Spice Girls but he does like Mel C.

Hmmm… that’s funny that is coz according to summit I heard once, you can tell what a lad’s like from which Spice Girl he likes.

January 1998 - Spice table

[That must have been my drippy hair again.]

Actually, that small piece of shit could actually be true in some cases. Take a guess which Spice Ralph and Freddie like. Yeah, Geri!


Tuesday 13th Wey-hey-hey, we’ve got The Full Monty in assembly tomorrow! That should be good. Jez has dropped out so it’s just Ralph, Freddie, Dougie, Graham Baxter and Will Fernley doing it now, I think. I’ve been told they want us to sit in the front row. Not if I can help it! I don’t trust that lot!

There’s nothing else worth mentioning that happened today. Oh, except Emma wrote TESS 4 RALPH 4EVA on Sarah’s pencil case after Ralph scrubbed everything else out. I’ve changed it now so it says TESS 4 RALPH NEVA! [Cleva.]


[Tell me boys (and girls), what is your personality according to my table of Spice?]

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