Ralph is fit – 6th January 1998

Tuesday 6th Ralph saw what was scratched into the back of Sarah’s pencil tin in their P.S.E. lesson today. It said:-

January - Love Ralph

There was loads of other stuff on it. Ralph had added his own bits like “RC 4 eva” and “No she don’t” after Emma’s “Yes u do”. The “Ralph is fit” part was written by me AS A JOKE. [Whatever.] It was definitely not meant to be taken seriously!

When Sarah told him who wrote it, she said he said, “Who’s Tess?” He knows perfectly well who I am and I don’t know why he keeps forgetting or pretending to forget.

I had hockey outside in P.E. this afternoon. It was so cold and very muddy. The lads were doing rugby next to the field we were on and Dougie was one of ‘em. I got put in goals for a while and I had chance to watch them. It was funny coz they were all rolling round on the grass and were filthy. So were we actually except Cat who managed to keep clean somehow.

On the way in again, I was walking with Cat and I turned round and saw Dougie and Will Fernley catching up with us. They did and Dougie went, “Alright?” to me. I said hiya back and Cat commented on him being dirty.

I’ve got hockey again tomorrow morning. That should be fun with Daisy Smith and Shauna Adams (who are on the school team) bossing us about and telling us we’re shite again. NOT!!!


P.S. I taped ‘Meat Pie, Sausage Roll’ off the radio. It’s this well ace Oldham Athletic/England song. Makes a change for ‘em to have something actually good associated with ‘em!

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