It’s no reason to go slagging her off – 5th January 1998

Monday 5th It was the dreaded 1st day back at school today. It was torture getting up this morning coz I’ve been waking up late and going to sleep late for the last 2 weeks so I only had about 4 and a half hours sleep last night. Most people in school were like zombies. Nobody could concentrate on work either, we were all too knackered!

Freddie’s still saying that Ralph fancies me coz someone (Emma I think) asked him in their Geography lesson.

Hayley is being really horrible about Anna Collins. I think it’s jealousy mostly and I know partly how she feels but it’s no reason to go slagging her off. [Not in public anyway. Bitching about her in a diary was obviously fine.]

Evidently there was some concert that she was in and Hayley and Lindsey Bullman (who’s a bitch as I know from past experiences) went to see their mate Josie Nichol who was in it too. We saw ‘em in C Block today and they all asked me and Emma if we liked her. We said she was alright and they started being really bitchy about her and her mate.

September 1997 - Lindsey

[This is Lindsey Bullman. She was a cow. Her involvement in the slagging-off was perhaps the reason that I could almost overlook the fact that Anna was with Dougie to nearly stick up for her.]

They don’t even know her. I mean, neither do we properly but you’re better off deciding what someone’s like after you’ve spoken to them, not because you’re jealous of them for who they’re going out with.


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