She looked dead snooty – 29th & 30th December 1997

Monday 29th We didn’t go ice skating today so I went round to Emma’s instead. Nobody could get hold of Ralph yesterday so Dougie phoned Emma and said he wouldn’t bother going either. Now we’ve arranged it all for tomorrow instead. There’s Ralph, Dougie, Emma and I definitely going (well, definitely meaning probably) and then Emma phoned me again tonight to tell me that Dougie asked if it would be okay if he brought his girlfriend coz she was looking forward to seeing some of his mates. [I’m surprised that I didn’t write a massive ‘NO NO NO IT WOULD NOT BE OKAY!’ Maybe my lurve for Dougie was beginning to pale in comparison to my lurve for Ralph…]

According to Emma, he hasn’t actually phoned her yet but if she comes she’ll make her own way to Altrincham. Everyone else is meeting at Emma’s house at 1:00pm and her Dad’ll give us a lift. I’ve got to go a bit earlier so she won’t be left on her own with any of the lads. I’m tempted to go a bit later though, just to wind her up. But then I s’pose there’s even more chance of me getting injured on the ice! [Why? Karma?]

We tried to phone Freddie too but it doesn’t look like he’d back off holiday. Lucy and Ed were also invited but couldn’t make it.


Tuesday 30th Mum dropped me off at Emma’s house at about 12:30pm and we waited for Ralph and Dougie to come. Emma had picked a room to take them in which was the ‘Red Room’ (it’s like another living room and it’s all red) and she’d tidied it all away and shoved the photo of her when she was 3 behind the sofa.

When they arrived we didn’t want to just be sat there so we went on the computer so it looked like we were doing summit. Ralph came 1st on his bike. Emma spotted him first and legged it to the side door before her parents did.

I was getting excited and I didn’t know what to do with myself so I just sat on a chair on the computer. Ralph came in and noticed the picture of Emma’s little sister Helena on the wall and asked if it was Emma. She told him who it was and I said, “D’you wanna see a picture of Emma?” and I grabbed the photo from behind the sofa and gave it to Ralph. She was so embarrassed. Ha ha ha!!!

Dougie came shortly after. His mum dropped him off. He went to the front door and Emma went to the side and he was stood there for ages waiting for her to come so I pointed round the side. He came in and Ralph was on Koji the Frog on the computer.

Dougie told her his girlfriend, Anna Collins, was coming. I wasn’t as bothered as I thought I would be actually. I s’pose I wanted to see her really to see what sort of person he goes for!

Emma’s dad came in and told us all to get in the car. Emma sat in the front and I was stuck in the back with Dougie and Ralph. [Gutted. NOT!] Ralph was between me and Dougie and I was behind the driver’s seat. Ralph spread his legs out so I was shoved up against the door. We did talk but I can’t really remember what about. Music mostly, I think, with Ralph and Dougie going on and on about how LW Radio Atlantic 252 was shit and Key 103 was better (it is) coz it is local.

We were stood outside the ice rink for a few minutes waiting for Anna. We couldn’t actually go in anyway coz it wasn’t 2:00pm but we could’ve queued up. Dougie kept telling us that we could go in if we wanted and it seemed like he was trying to get rid of us. I don’t think he was, it just sounded that way.

After about 10 mins, we got fed up and went in anyway. Every time Ralph saw a blonde girl he asked Dougie if that was her. Dougie got a bit insulted I think when most of ‘em were about 5!

Ralph, Emma and I went into the rink. We weren’t allowed on the ice straight away coz they were cleaning it so we went and got our skates. Dougie had to keep going out and checking if she’d arrived, Ralph and Emma went on some Aliens 3 game and I just watched ‘em. Emma won.

They both went to see if Anna had come coz we’d decided she had either stood Dougie up or she was imaginary! We went on the ice and skated round for a bit and Dougie went off again. We followed him and this time she was there. As soon as I saw her I thought of ‘Dorien Kapper the Chigwell slapper’ off Birds of a Feather, only this was ‘Anna Kapper the Warrington slapper’! I know it was snidey but Emma thought it too.

Dougie had said she was a bit posh and we all thought she looked dead snooty. She had her hair scraped back in a high ponytail with a bit of hair down at the front, dyed blonde the lot of it, tonnes of eye make-up and a brace. She is quite tall and skinny too. She was quite quiet and she told Dougie she thought we were too. AS IF!!! [Anyone else detecting a hint of jealousy here?]

Anna and Dougie went skating off together and Emma and I were either pulling Ralph along or holding him up. I had to hold hands with him mostly.

Dougie kept holding onto me and skating up behind me. He even started holding my hand at one point. Maybe he was trying to make Anna jealous or summit!

I didn’t fall over but the rest of ‘em did, I think. We decided to come off when Ralph and I announced that we were hungry and wanted to go to McDonald’s. Everyone else wanted to stay on for a bit so Dougie got hold of me and Ralph and said, “Why don’t you two go to McDonald’s TOGETHER?!” Then he pushed us together. Cheers Dougie. NOT!

We persuaded everyone else to come off and we walked to McD’s. We all ended up cramped round a tiny table and I was stuck between Emma and Ralph. That was when we found out Anna was a vegetarian. How sad! [Shut up, me! I’d dabbled once. For about a week.] Sorry but that’d just my opinion. People have good enough reason for being freaks! [What, like a bout of mega envy?] Sorry!

At other points throughout the day we found out she played the violin and has smoked for about 6 months. Urgh, gross!

After the food, we got the bus to Warrington Bus Station. I got on 1st and went to the back. Dougie sat next to me and Anna next to him so I was crushed against the window. Emma and Ralph were both separate coz Ralph had sat elsewhere until he decided he wanted to talk to us so he sat with Emma then. Dougie and Anna were permanently holding hands.

As soon as some other people got off the back row, Dougie and Anna moved up and Ralph sat next to me. At one point, Emma said something to Ralph and he snuggled up to me and said, “No, I’m with Tess” or summit. I nearly died of embarrassment coz both Dougie and Emma think I fancy him.

Ralph was also taking the piss out of Jez Greenhalgh and saying he was a sheep from Yorkshire. I said it was tight but he’s just funny and I tried not to laugh.

At Warrington we split up and Dougie and Anna went off to get a different bus. I ended up giving Emma and Ralph a £1 coin each coz they had no change. I sat at the back again and Ralph sat next to me again. Emma sat in front. Ralph was writing ‘ET 4 FB’ [Emma Thornley 4 Freddie Bevan] and stuff on the window and I was telling him whose initials to add on. So Emma, as revenge, thought she’d tell Ralph about ‘All I Want For Christmas Is Ralph’ and how much I fancied him. I denied the 2nd part, of course. He just sat there, staring out of the window, trying to hide his embarrassment!

We got soaked walking up back to Emma’s house and Ralph kept offering me crisps but not Emma.

We went back on the computer again until Emma’s dad took us back home. Ralph sat next to me in the car and at one point forgot my name. I don’t think he did really, I think it was more likely that he was trying to prove he doesn’t fancy me. He apologised and said he’d even forgotten his own phone number once.

[Stalker notes time!] Ralph lives in Royston Lane which is a road opposite Tesco. It’s a semi-detached on the end with a white Volvo outside.

I can’t decide if I fancy Ralph or no. I think I do actually!

BYE! ♥

8 thoughts on “She looked dead snooty – 29th & 30th December 1997

  1. The intrigue! I completely understand the irrational, all-consuming teenage jealousy. Picking over every detail and getting carried away, we’ve all been there. I just love these posts and always look forward to reading them. One day i’ll get up the nerve to share my teenage diaries – i considered it earlier this year. I’d have to heavily edit quite heavily. Thanks so much for sharing these, it reminds me of how carefree ( i’d never have believed it at the time) being a teenager was!


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