Drop dead gorgeous! – 21st – 24th December 1997

Sunday 21st I’m in Wick now. I’m sitting writing this in Rhian’s bedroom whist she and Abby are pissing about with a majorette’s baton. Now Rhian is trying to see what I’m writing so I’m just going to turn away.

That’s better.

I had the day off school on Friday for no reason really except to get sorted for coming here. I took my hamster round to Cat’s and she said I hasn’t missed much.

We travelled all day yesterday and stayed in the Royal Dunkeld Hotel for the night. It was really nice. Then we travelled all day here today. There’s no snow which is disappointing.


Monday 22nd Man Utd beat Newcastle 1-0 last night. Andy Cole scored. I forgot to mention it yesterday.

Rhian, Abby and I went down the town today coz Rhian had some MAD (Music, Arts + Drama) thing on the back of a lorry in the Market Square so Abby and I arranged to meet Dad outside Boots so we could get some more Xmas pressies for Mum. We got quite a few.

I saw this Kenny Blaine who Rhian worships. My 1st reaction was, “Urgh, gross!!!” He is. He’s a complete minger! He looks camp too. I dunno why. I think it was the tight leather jacket and his walk.

I also think I saw Ben McFarlane. He’s my Auntie S’s friend’s son and drop dead gorgeous! He was wearing a baseball cap and sports gear.

I’ve had my cousin Tom mithering us all day to play Scattergories with him and we’ve managed not to give in yet!


Wednesday 24th Xmas Eve!

We went down the town again today to take more cards to people. I saw Ben McFarlane again (it was him on Monday) and I had to cycle slowly past him and his mate. He didn’t have a cap on but he had a bright blue Adidas sweatshirt. Abby and Rhian think he’s minging but I don’t.

As we were passing them, he did turn round and summit about him reminded me of Harry Preston from school.

Tonight we helped Auntie S set out carrot tops and mud for our little cousins Tom and Minnie tomorrow.

[The carrot tops and mud totally fooled them into thinking Rudoph and co had been in their garden. They failed to notice the ‘reindeer droppings’ were raisins or Nesquik cereal too, THE IDIOTS.]

December 1997 - Xmas bye

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