Dougie gave me a Xmas card – 18th December 1997

Thursday 18th I helped with the Senior Citizens’ Party this afternoon and it was a lot better than I expected. We had to go at the beginning of lunchtime coz some of them had come early (the old people that is). Emma and I were a bit nervous coz we didn’t really know what to say to any of them so we sat at a table so they would have to sit with us. Rani and Polly Grady sat with us. [They were not old people.]

We were waiting for ages but the people on the doors weren’t bringing them to us so we went and said we’d ‘grab a granny’ as they walked in. But none of us wanted to ask them if they wanted to sit with us and we all went shy.

We sat down again and a man and his wife came and sat with us. I can’t remember his name but she was called Meg. She couldn’t speak and was in a wheelchair because of a stroke. He made up for both of them though with the talking part! Then a blindish lady sat down too and another lady called Janet S did as well.

The 1st thing we did was Bingo, then pass the parcel. There were 4 parcels going round the room and they had both prizes and forfeits in them. It was horrible! Every time we got the parcel we panicked and got rid of it as fast as possible! It only actually landed on our table once and we were all dreading it being a forfeit. Thankfully it wasn’t. They were things like dance and sing and eat as many marshmallows as you can in a short space of time.

After that we all relaxed a bit and played Beetle Drive but everyone cheated! Then the food came, then the Spice Girls (well, the wannabes from my year), then we had to sing Xmas carols.

I’m not going into school tomorrow so this was my last day this year. We’re going up to Wick on Saturday so we need to get sorted. Plus, we don’t want to go in coz of the school assembly where the orchestra are playing.

I was dead pleased when Dougie gave me a Xmas card at lunch and even more when I opened it! [It said ‘Loads of love’! *teenage me hyperventilates and faints*]

If you can’t get the card out, it probably means I’ve glued it down by mistake. Okay?!

December 1997 - Xmas card

Emma’s card off him was funny too. He’d written more-or-less the same thing then added, “That could be us one day!” at the end. He’d written it coz on the front there was a piccy of a nun and a monk under the mistletoe.

My first reaction was, “Oh God, he fancies her!” but then when I thought about it, it’s not the sort of thing you write in a card to someone you fancy, just in case they laugh at you. But then again, Dougie’s not exactly normal sometimes!

Emma completely embarrassed me in front of Ralph and Own Kendal today. I asked her if she’d told Ralph that I don’t fancy him and she went and did it there and then!


2 thoughts on “Dougie gave me a Xmas card – 18th December 1997

  1. OMG! Loads of love. Loads. Not just ‘love’. I can see why you saved it but what was he playing at with the card to the other girl? ‘This could be us one day’?! Heartbreaker! It really is so sweet that you kept it, i’m so glad you got a card : )


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