Lush and snogtastic – 17th December 1997

Wednesday 17th Dougie came into Geography singing ‘You Sexy thing’. [Oh, how I’ll have wished that he was singing at me.] Then he brought out this envelope which had things such as ‘lush’ and ‘snogtastic’ and ‘get your kit off’ written on it. It wasn’t from his girlfriend coz it also said ‘don’t show this to your girlfriend’ on it.

He wouldn’t show us who it was from so Neil K passed it to Adrian Ford who has one of the biggest gobs in our year. Dougie just called Neil a bastard and when he tried to get it back, Mrs C told him off for turning round!

Emma had Food Tech today with Ralph and, according to her, they brought me up quite a bit in various conversations. One was between Sarah and Ralph about ‘All I Want For Christmas Is Ralph’. She is meant to have said summit about me writing songs about him then going round showing everyone. I’ll sort her out tomorrow if she did say that! [That reads as if I was going to twat her. I wouldn’t have done that. My plan to ‘sort her out’ will have been something along the lines of telling some she considered to be a minger that she fancied them.]

Sarah also asked him why he hadn’t got me a Xmas card and he told her he’d run out. Emma said to him, “I bet it’s just coz you’re embarrassed in case she gets the wrong idea.” Then bloody Sarah said, “She’ll cry” and he said, “Well tell her I’m really sorry” or summit like that.

Another conversation was started when Ralph said, “I’m not coming in on Friday.” When Emma asked him why, she said he said, “It’s just coz it’s a Friday.” She then said, “Tess isn’t coming in on Friday either. She says she’d going to Scotland but I’m not so sure!” Ralph then said, “She’s not, she’s coming to my house.”

Of course, there’s always the possibility that Emma could be making this up. She also told me that she thinks Ralph’s chuffed that I fancy him. Hmmm, I dunno.

December 1997 - Mice & woodworm

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