Stripping down to their boxers – 16th December 1997

Tuesday 16th It’s been REALLY cold today and windy too which made it even colder.

In P.E., Mr B made us carry stage block things over to A-Block. They were really heavy and I lost all feeling in my hands. Then we went back in and he put is in teams. I was stuck with Shauna Adams and Johnny Doherty and we were given the wonderful imaginative name of the team that Mr B worships – Hull City.

Shauna was doing scores for everyone on the board so I was stuck with Johnny mostly. We were losing badly to begin with but then made a great comeback and won the quiz.

I kept catching Jez Greenhalgh looking at me. I dunno why.

I was the captain of my team and I was meant to answer the questions but it got too hard to hear what people were telling me to say so we just yelled out the answer if we knew it.

Ralph and Jez have fallen out. Emma was telling me at last break after she’d just had P.S.E with them both. She told me that Jez was sat at the other side of the room and she asked him why he wasn’t sitting with Ralph. He answered, “I don’t want to.” So she went and asked Ralph why they’d fallen out and he said, “Coz he’s from Yorkshire.” Yeah, Ralph, that really makes so much sense to us all! NOT!

[For anyone unfamiliar with UK infighting, there’s a bit of friendly(?) rivalry between Lancashire and Yorkshire stemming from the Wars of the Roses that only happened about 550 years ago… so it’s totally reasonable to still hate each other.]

Ralph also told Emma that they are stripping down to their boxers for The Full Monty assembly. [Er… I imagine that would be a wee bit more frowned upon nowadays.] That should be good!

December 1997 - peace etc bye

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