Dougie snogged his girlfriend in the car park – 15th December 1997

Monday 15th Hello again. There was a concert on at lunch organised by my mates Lucy and Poppy and just to show them how much I appreciate their friendship, I didn’t go! I couldn’t be bothered. There was nobody interesting in it and it cost 30p.

So instead I went to the shop with Freda. Then we went in the Music rooms so she could do some homework coz the library was shut. She told me to go and look at Rob Waterfield with a wig on so I went down the corridor but he’d gone.

I heard people talking and getting closer and I thought I heard Ralph. I waited for a bit until the first person came round the corner. It was David Ingle so I knew Ralph wouldn’t be far behind so I legged it back into the Music room.

I bloody well forgot they were using it as a form room whilst the mock exams were on and they came in. Ralph went up to Mr P and said, “Sir, can we practice The Full Monty?” I burst out laughing and everyone looked at me until Ralph started taking his coat off then everyone’s attention went back onto him.

Jez was stood behind me and I asked him if he was doing The Full Monty thing in the assembly too. He muttered summit about not knowing.

We had the afternoon off so we could set up for Presentation Evening. It was boring. I asked Dougie afterwards if he’d told Ralph about the ‘All I Want For Christmas Is Ralph’ thing. He said he’d told Jez so Ralph probably knows now.

I had to get back to school at 7:00pm and do this Presentation Evening. It’s all speeches and people going up and getting books and stuff.

Becky the Year 9 told me that Dougie snogged his girlfriend in the car park in Warrington. Damn it!

I told Mr P that Emma had been with [snogged] Davis too so she’s been threatening to say summit to Ralph in P.S.E. tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Dougie snogged his girlfriend in the car park – 15th December 1997

    • Do it! Even my diaries from a only 3 or 4 years ago are quite funny to look back on. The things that made me rant or worry at the time seem so daft now. You’re blog will be good to look read back in years to come but a diary can be uncensored because nobody is ever meant to read it!


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