If I like him, I like him and if I don’t, I don’t – 10th December 1997

Wednesday 10th I gave Ralph his card. I didn’t want to in front of his mates but I had no other choice so as he was walking past I shoved it in his face.

I didn’t give Freddie his coz I didn’t see him so I’m gunna get Emma to give it him tomorrow in Geography.

I didn’t give Dougie his either. I just didn’t want to coz he wasn’t my favourite person his afternoon. I’m trying to stop myself from liking him but it doesn’t seem to be working.

We had a practice all afternoon for the Xmas Concert. I tried to avoid Dougie but I didn’t manage it very well. I’ve given up now and if I like him, I like him and if I don’t, I don’t.

I was a bit miserable this afternoon, basically coz it was boring but I told myself I would enjoy it tonight. Even though, I missed the soccer which Man U lost 1-0 but it doesn’t really matter coz they’re at the top of their group for UEFA and have got through.

December 1997 - Xmas Concert

I got there and most people in the concert were already there. I walked in the room and had to walk out again after I saw Emma to try and stop myself from laughing. She had her hair in 2 stupid looking bunches on top of her head with tinsel in them!

I wrapped tinsel round my flute and ponytail coz everyone else had. I wasn’t nervous coz it’s not like I’m on my own or owt. We went in and got on with it.

At the interval, we all went into the canteen to get food and stuff. There were loads of mince pies and cans of beer and lager. Emma asked Mrs C if she could have a can but she wasn’t allowed, surprise surprise!

Later in the interval, people were just starting to go back in the Drama Studio and Emma and Olivia went off somewhere and left me with Dougie and Robert Osbourne. Dougie’s family walked past and his littlest sis said something to him and grinned at me. I couldn’t hear what she said but Dougie looked a bit embarrassed.

A few minutes later, Emma and Olivia came back with a can of beer. We all went outside and Olivia went. The other 4 of us went round the back of the temporary block where it was dark and drank it. It was stupid really, 1 can between the 4 of us!

I told Dougie I had a card for him and I’ve got to give it to him tomorrow.


P.S. Dougie’s family’s new car is a green Ford Galaxy, reg. R*** G**.

I know it’s sad getting that but I noticed so I thought I might as well write it down.

4 thoughts on “If I like him, I like him and if I don’t, I don’t – 10th December 1997

  1. Interesting post. I wish I had kept a diary from when I was little. Except of course I wasn’t born until 1998. Great blog you have though keep it up!


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