I’ll just have to concentrate on Ralph! – 9th December 1997

Tuesday 9th Twice today someone has commented on me and Ralph. The first time was at lunch when Emma and I were going out of school and they (Ralph and mates) were going back in. As we passed them, Graham Baxter said, “There’s Ralph’s bird!” and pointed at me.

Then the 2nd time was when I gave him another Xmas card from Hayley to give to Will Fernley. Ralph was walking up the stairs and I gave him the card and said, “Give that to Ferny.” He was with Owen Kendal who said to Ralph, “Ooh, she’s giving you love letters”. I just yelled, “It’s from Hayley!” I nearly added “you wanker” or summit on the end but there were teachers about.

It was quite funny coz before Ferny came, they were holding it up to the light trying to see what Hayley had written (she nearly went out with him once but changed her mind at the last minute) and then when he came up they all crowded round him whilst he opened it.

I’ve done Ralph, Dougie and Freddie Xmas cards but I won’t see Freddie so someone else will have to give it to him. I don’t want to give one to Ralph coz his mates or my mates might take the piss. I just don’t wanna give one to Dougie but I’ve written it now!

Dougie was over at our bench at lunch accusing Emma (again) of telling people about him and Anna Collins. He then asked us if he had summit on his back. Paranoid bastard! Sorry, that’s tight.

I’ve got a bloody Xmas concert at school tomorrow night with the orchestra and I’m gunna miss the soccer. It’s Man Utd v Juventus and it’s on TV and I’m gunna have to take me Walkman in with me. I’m not missing a match like that just because of some shit concert!

It’s just boring now Dougie’s going out with this girl. It’s not worth bothering with him no. I’ll just have to concentrate on Ralph!


3 thoughts on “I’ll just have to concentrate on Ralph! – 9th December 1997

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