I’ve never had a boyfriend – 7th December 1997

Sunday 7th Emma came round today. We didn’t really do anything. I was trying to guess who she fancies but I still don’t know and she was trying to guess who I fancy. I’ve not told her yet but she knows about Dougie anyway, it’s just Ralph I won’t admit to liking coz it’s just embarrassing!

Emma was also trying to guess what happened in Scotland. Nothing did and I don’t know where she’s got it from. Now she thinks I went with [snogged] Alex in Wick in the summer. I was enjoying winding her up and she’s drawn her own conclusions. I never told her one way or the other. She still doesn’t know for sure so I’m going to keep her hanging! I hope she doesn’t say owt to anyone!

It started off when she was saying, “What happened in Scotland?” I asked her why she thought something had and she told me that it was just little things I’d said like, “I hope the McLeans are home for Christmas.” I said that coz they moved to Shetland in the summer and I like one of their sons, Alex. I’ve never even really talked to him properly.

I then asked Emma what she thought had happened and she said it was probably summit to do with Alex. I admitted to that coz it’s not a lie coz I liked him and his brother told him.

She then started trying to guess what she thought could have happened and it was all things like, “Did he ask you out?” and “Is he your boyfriend?” and “Did you go with [snog] him?” I didn’t actually answer to any of them so she narrowed it down herself by watching my face when she said each one. I think I said “No” when the boyfriend bit came up so she counted that one out.

I then offered to read her my diary from that holiday and I had quite a bit of soppy stuff written about him which I giggled to myself at and completely missed out of reading to her. That must’ve given her the impression that something did happen and she kept saying to me, “Did you go with him? Did you go with him?” I just kept silent and giggled for these reasons:-

  1. I was really enjoying winding her up.
  2. It sounds sad that I’ve never been with anyone so I kind of wanted her to think I had.

But it’s not like I’ve lied about it because I never actually said, “Yes, I did  go with Alex McLean.” I just didn’t say anything.

I feel really guilty now. No, guilty’s not right, more worried. [Hence the long diary entry.] Worried that she’ll find out nothing actually happened in Scotland and everyone will think I’m stupid for making such a big fuss. Well, not everyone coz I’ve not said anything to anyone but Emma.

Really I just want to tell her that it was all a big wind up but then she’ll go back to thinking [knowing] that I’ve never had a boyfriend. I haven’t but I don’t want people to think that.

Oh well, I never actually said I had so I’ll try and forget about it.


[Anyone else remember embellishing upon or just downright lying about things happening with boys/girls when you were younger?

I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one doing this to appear to be keeping up with my friends…. although they were potentially fibbing about snogging too!]

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