It was absolutely mingin’! – 5th & 6th December 1997

Friday 5th I’ve had a pretty bad day.

I was baking in Food Tech and it was a complete disaster! The mixture was like bloody elastic! I dunno how I managed that. Then I didn’t have time to decorate it. I tried a bit of one when they were sort of cooked and it was absolutely mingin’!

I gave up in the end and helped Hayley. Then, just to make matters worse, Ralph and Freddie and mates all came to have a look so I had to shove them all in a tin before Ralph came to inspect them coz he’s a dead good cook and says he’s going to be a chef.

In P.S.E. we’d put bets on (me, Lizzie, Emma and Cat) on what Dougie would say if I asked him, “Are you and Emma friends again, then?” So I did and he sort of looked like he was gunna say no but he grunted summit instead. I also asked him if Freddie fancies Emma coz Ralph keeps saying he does and Dougie said, “I dunno, I’ll ask him.”

Dougie’s sleeping at Ed’s house tonight and they’re going Christmas shopping in Warrington. How boring!!! I still wanna go though!


[If sport bores your face off as much as it does mine nowadays, stop reading this now and go and find something more exciting to do. Quick!! Things are about to get football…]

Saturday 6th

December 1997 - Scarves

I’ve had a day of sitting in front of the TV watching Sky Sports today. I’ll tell you about the football first.



What a result!

Brillint innit?! Well, for Man Utd fans anyway. It was a great game, the sort that keeps you constantly on the edge of your seat. The first goal was from Andy Cole and was at a good time coz it really kept you watching. Unfortunately, a bad tackle from Nicky Butt and Phil Neville gave LFC a penalty which Robbie Fowler got in after sending Schmeichel the wrong way by stalling before booting it in the corner. L’pool had quite a lot of possession after that and it was getting worrying every time McManaman stormed up United’s end. [Where did I get this shite from?!] Then we got a free kick close to goal which Beckham sent over James and into the Liverpool goal. I relaxed slightly after that as it was quite far on in the game. Just to finish it, Cole got another after Sheringham headed it to him.

It was a great match but I promised Hayley I wouldn’t say anything to her coz she predicted Man U would win and everybody will take the piss out of the poor, humiliated Scousers. Including me! HA HA!!! [Soz, Scousers.]

Then after the soccer there was the rugby on. England v All Blacks. Nobody could quite believe it when England were up 23-9 at the end of the 1st half. NZ did catch up though and took the lead for a while in the 2nd 40 mins but England actually caught up again and the end result was 26-26. It was pretty good considering the strength of the All Blacks. It was a really great game and really nerve-wracking.

I tried to phone Emma this evening about my English homework but it was permanently engaged. I’m really panicking about it. I’ve got an essay on The Crucible to do and I’ve no idea where to start so she’d better be in tomorrow.


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