Fit but full of himself – 4th December 1997

Thursday 4th I was on my own in Geography again coz Lizzie and Poppy still aren’t in school. I got in the room before Dougie and Neil and I was already sat down when Dougie came in. He stood at my desk and I thought he was going to sit there for a minute!

He started talking to me and said, “Where’s Lizzie?” I told him she was probably ill and he said summit about him thinking she’d missed the bus. Somehow we got onto the subject of Emma and he said, “I don’t hate her, you know.” I said, “Well, she seems to think you do.” I explained why she thought that, you know, after ‘the look’ yesterday. Then he said, “I like her.” [NnnooOOOOooooo!!] I hope he doesn’t! Well, he can like her but not fancy her!

It was so good at skiing tonight. There wasn’t enough room on the minibus so me and Emma had to go int car with Mr S the P.E. teacher.

(I’ve decided I don’t really like Freddie anymore coz Emma said he said he doesn’t like me when she asked him. He asked us to go ice skating though!)

When we got there we went in a building and they split us up into skiers and total beginners. That put me with my mates and Ralph and Neil. [Total beginners.] We managed to get the boots on and went outside. I ended up stood next to Ralph. We were on the nursery slope (there was another bigger one) and with this fit but full of himself bloke called Simon.

When we put our skis on, Ralph kept asking if he could hold on to me. As if I would mind!

December 1997 - Skiing

Simon kept telling is how to walk and fall and stuff but we just wanted to get up there. We had to edge our way up sideways in a line and go down one by one. He made Emma go first. I didn’t fall over once. I was really pleased with myself. Oh, well, I did fall over when Ralph and Orson Platt pushed the line and we all went like dominoes!

Simon was making us do little jumps and stuff and it was really good. Eventually he let us go up on the rope thing that pulled you up.

On the way back, Rani joined us in the car and we were discussing the “Top Bloke” in our year coz Mr S asked. I said Ralph and he laughed. I was being serious, honest! I told Ralph when we got back and yelled, “Ralph, you’re the top lad in our year!” He just smiled. Ahh, sweet.


[I’d go as far as to say there was some actual flirting occurring between Ralph and I on that nursery slope. 

Runcorn: Romance capital of the north.]

4 thoughts on “Fit but full of himself – 4th December 1997

  1. ‘Fit but full of himself Simon’ you’ve got me in stitches here! Runcorn romance. I’ve been reading bits out to my partner @indentleft (twitter) he’s getting drawn into the story too. I ended up following your blog because i discovered my diaries on my last trip to Australia and toyed with the idea of putting them online. Might still do it, it’d all be AC/DC and jellyfish stings, yours is far more interesting!!


    • Never mind Fit but full of himself Simon. I only really had eyes for Ralph. And Dougie. And Freddie. And Leonardo DiCaprio.

      You should share yours online! It’d be TOTALLY COOL in the saddest way possible 😉 I for one would absolutely love to read them. No teenage diary is too dull and surely ones that involve AC/DC and jellyfish stings make much more interesting reading than day-to-day life in and around Warrington.

      If you ever decide to go for it and fancy guest posting a few extracts on here then just let me know…


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