If looks could kill – 3rd December 1997

Wednesday 3rd Right, at the cinema on Saturday when Dougie and Lucy went, they came back on the bus and evidently there was this drunk bloke and he staggered along the bus to where Lucy and Dougie were sitting and tried to snog Lucy but coz he was pissed he missed (Hey! That rhymes!) and lunged at Dougie. I don’t think he did anything coz Dougie shoved him out of the way.

Lucy was sworn to secrecy but
she told Sarah
Sarah told me
I had to tell Cat why I was laughing when Dougie walked past us (but not in detail)
Cat told Emma
and she told Ed who went straight up the stairs and asked Dougie about it.

I don’t know what Ed said to him but he gave Emma the dirtiest look I’ve ever seen so far! I didn’t think he was capable of it! Believe me, if looks could kill, Emma’s parents would be arranging a funeral!

Poppy and Lizzie weren’t in school so I had to sit on my own in Geography. The 1st thing Dougie said to me when I walked in the room was, “What’s Emma been spreading about me?” He sounded so annoyed. I just answered, “Nothing.” Then I thought who he should really be blaming coz she shouldn’t have said owt in the 1st place and I said, “It was Lucy.” [Ooh, you little snitch!] She’s told quite a few people as far as I know but he wouldn’t believe me and kept saying, “It wasn’t Lucy.” I don’t know why he trusts her so much. She’s not quite as sweet and innocent as he might think!

Then Neil K butted in and said, “Emma’s always bullshitting about someone.” I didn’t react coz I don’t give a toss about what he thinks of Emma but I’d been given strict orders from her to find out what ‘the look’ was for this morning.

I sort of commented to Dougie about not really knowing what was going on, even though I do, I just don’t really want to get too involved and end up with Dougie hating me too. Selfish, I know.

Mrs C came in then and nowt else was mentioned until the end of the lesson. I wanted to ask Dougie if he was going to the cinema coz there’s a few people going on Friday but I didn’t want it to sound like I was asking him so I asked Neil instead. He said he wasn’t and then I said, “Are you?” to Dougie. He asked if Emma was going and I said she might be and he said, “Well I’m not going then!”

I’ve never known him get so annoyed with someone! [I bet I was well pleased. I could cross her of the competition-for-Dougie list.]


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