He’s got nice legs actually! – 2nd December 1997

Tuesday 2nd Urgh, this cold is getting worse. I tried to get a day off school but my mum said that this weird bloke from down the road kept hanging round and everyone would be late home coz the car was in for a service. [Reading this now, I think Mum was relying on my pessimism to make me go to school. She knew I’d assume Weird Bloke would jump at the opportunity to murder me while everyone was out.]

I managed to drag myself into school and it was bloody freezing. When I was outside, my nose got blocked up but as soon as I got into the warm it wouldn’t stop running. I had about 3 tissues to last me all day. I mean, I could’ve used bog roll but  it’s really rough and makes your nose look like Peter Schmeichel’s!

We had a ski meeting in the Sports Hall at morning break and some people were worrying about there being rats (Oooh, scary! NOT!) coz there’ve been rumours going round that they’re in the Sports Hall, bags and the canteen. I’m not sure if it’s true or not coz none of the teachers have mentioned it.

Anyway, we all had to sit on the Sports Hall floor except Ralph, Freddie and their mates coz they’d got in first so we could see them coz they were higher up and they could see us. Ralph and Freddie kept talking and glancing at me and Emma and I couldn’t stop grinning to myself.

Eventually we got down to who was going to Runcorn dry ski slope and when. The Year 11s are going after Xmas coz of the mock exams and us Year 10s had a choice of either this Thursday or next Tuesday. Mrs L made everyone who could go on Thursday put their hands up so me and Emma waited to see what Ralph and Freddie did. They put ‘em up and so did we. Then we had to write our names down on the list and I was number 13 so I hope that doesn’t mean anything!

Afterwards I had a P.E. theory lesson but Mr B wasn’t in so we sat and watched Matilda on video. I saw someone walk past the window out of the corner of my eye so I looked out and it was Ralph. I don’t think he saw me but he was grinning to Jez for some reason. He walked past again and saw me and grinned to himself then!

It started snowing a bit too and we were all just getting excited and then it stopped. Typical!

After lunch, I had the sporty kind of P.E. and I went in the Sports Hall expecting to find all the badminton nets up but instead it was full of lads, including Dougie. There were 10 different activities we had to do, like star jumps, step ups, shuttle runs etc. and we were split into 10 groups. I was a 10 and was with Bridget Linehan, who’s alright I s’pose, and a couple of lads.

Dougie was in 1 so he was in the activity next to me. He’s got nice legs actually! I dunno about the rest of him coz he had his P.E. kit on! It was really embarrassing for me coz my nose kept running and I had to go and get a tissue and he was watching me run out. Luckily, I don’t think he was watching when a lad ran into me and I nearly fell over!


P.S. I bet Poppy and Lizzie aren’t in tomorrow so I’ll get stuck on my bill with Neil Kennedy and Dougie.

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