Dougie’s better looking from a distance – 1st December 1997

Monday 1st Yuk! I’ve got a cold. I didn’t have one yesterday, it’s just come on really suddenly. My head’s gone all heavy and my thoughts are fuzzed up!

It was funny at lunch today. Emma, Cat and I went into the Music rooms and Dougie came over. Emma said hi and he opened his mouth back. We sort of all gave him a funny look and he got a sheet of paper out. He was doing a sponsored silence for 24 hours and that was his sponsor sheet.

He waved us further into the room and we followed him. He sat down at the computer and played us the song he’d composed. It really sounded like summit and Emma asked him what. He started mouthing something like “Rachael” but he shook his head whenever we said it. He pointed to his tie and blazer and started jigging about and we just stood there looking puzzled and laughing at him.

Eventually Emma said to write it down so he used his finger on the table. We got as far as ‘GRAN’ then he speeded up so he had to start again. We realised finally that he meant Grange Hill.

I just smiled to myself when he said that coz I really think he looks like James Arnold or (his nickname) Arnie out of it. The actor’s called Aiden David and is really fit! Nicer than Dougie by far!

Dougie also looks a bit like Andrew Bibby who plays Lance Wilkinson in Neighbours. He’s not bad either!

[Lance "not bad" Wilkinson. Via Wikipedia]

[Lance “not bad” Wilkinson. Via Wikipedia]

I’ve come to the conclusion that Dougie’s better looking from a distance but I don’t want to keep away!

He didn’t half look stupid when he was trying to talk to us without speaking. I just kept laughing at him, I couldn’t help it!


P.S. Dougie did go to the cinema with Lucy. They went on the train, watched The Full Monty then went home on the bus. Lucy was pretending that something had happened and tried to make us believe it by going all secretive and smiling to herself every time we mentioned it.

We were winding Dougie up about that at lunch too and he was wanting to ask us what she’d been saying but he couldn’t!

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