I just read about it on Teletext – 30th November 1997

Sunday 30th

WOOHOO!!! 4-0

I didn’t see the match, I just read about it on Teletext coz it wasn’t on TV but what a great score! [God, Teletext. The best thing about being ill and off school was lying on the sofa playing Bamboozle. It only took about 20 minutes for each question to load.]

Solskjaer scored 2 goals and the other two were own goals. Yes! Even more humiliating for Blackburn Rovers – the LOSERS! That puts us a few points clear at the top of the table along with all the goals we’ve been scoring or that other teams have scored for us!

I went to Manchester this morning with Mum and Abby. I bought a pair of black Puma King pants with my b’day money and Mum got me a Spray Way jacket for skiing. £140!!! I’m glad I didn’t have to buy it!

[Here is the Spray Way jacket still in action a few years later, post-massive fringe.]

Woah, right, there’s this advert I’ve just heard on the radio. It’s the Kilkenny Irish beer one, you know, “Come kiss the Kilkenny tonight”. Anyway, on this one, there’s the bloke and the woman talking and he’s a Virgo and she’s a Scorpio. It’s like me and Ralph. Maybe it means summit!


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