I might be dead – 29th November 1997

Saturday 29th I went round to Emma’s this afternoon. We didn’t really do much. Emma sat and read a Sugar magazine and I sat and watched the rugby on TV. It was Wales v the All Blacks (New Zealand). I wanted Wales to win of course but they got absolutely thrashed 7-42. I still think they played well against a team like that though.

Emma thinks Dougie might possibly fancy me. Her reasons are that I’m not too forward like Hayley but then I’m not too quiet like Lucy. She also thinks I’m quite like him in some ways, sort of clever and sensible (not boring though) and I like a good game of footy!

I’d like to be able to agree with her but I don’t wanna get my hopes up coz it’s unlikely anything will happen. If he really did fancy me then surely his mates would have picked up on it by now and would have said summit.

5 Future readers

Whoever’s reading this now is going to think this is all really stupid but right now this is what’s happening in my life. [i.e. Nothing whatsoever.] I know it’s pretty sad but I might as well write it all down so someone can have a good giggle over it. Hey? Even if it’s me in the future. I wonder what will have changed in my life by then. I might be dead.

So, Mum and Dad, if you read any of these diaries, don’t be shocked. [By what?!] Even if you don’t know about all this, it will still have been happening! [Oh, Mum knew.]

Ok, Man Utd are playing Blackburn Rovers tomorrow. If Man U lose this match then they go down to 2nd place. They’re only the 1 point clear. Nail-biting stuff.


P.S. I’ve hurt my back somehow.

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