Ralph had been flirting with me – 27th November 1997

Thursday 27th Finally I think I’ve got to the bottom of this Ralph thing and at the bottom is Freddie.

I asked Emma at lunch to find out from Freddie exactly what started it all so she did. He said that Ralph hadn’t actually said anything, Freddie just thought he fancied me. When Emma asked him why he’d thought that, he told her it was because Ralph had been flirting with me when we went out places. Had he heck! I dunno where he got that from.

Emma also said that when she had Food Tech with Ralph, the 1st things he said to her was, “No, I’m not going out with Tess.”

I have to say I’m a bit disappointed really. Freddie must have told Dougie his “thoughts” otherwise he wouldn’t have said anything to me yesterday.

Okay, all that’s left to do is to get someone to tell Ralph I don’t fancy him, even though I do, sort of! [I did, MASSIVELY!]

Dougie’s got a problem at the moment. Lucy Jacobs, who’s sort of my mate and lives next door to Dougie [Possibly the main reason I was friends with her. Other than her being lovely, of course.] has asked him to go to the cinema with her and he said when he asked her who else was going, she said summit like, “No-one. I thought it’d be nice with just the two of us.” He doesn’t want to go now but he’s scared of saying no and hurting her feelings, probably.

I’ve just been watching Man Utd v Kosice on ITV. It’s the UEFA Champions League and Man U have just qualified for the quarter finals. They only need 1 point to stay top of their group but they won 3-0 which means they won all 5 matches. Cole scored 1st about 5 mins before half time then there was an own goal from some player whose name I can’t even pronounce, never mind write! Then, in the 90th minute, Sheringham stuck a 3rd goal in the back of the net. It should have been about 10-0 coz they missed so many chances. I’m still very pleased with that result though.

I’ve found a few things out about Ralph and Freddie. [A sure sign I fancied them.]

Ralph’s birthday is on 7th September and his middle name is Patrick.

Freddie’s birthday is on 8th November and he lives on Charleston Way.


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