I wonder if Ralph does fancy me – 26th November 1997

Wednesday 26th I’ll update you on Ralph as I go thought the day coz quite a few things have happened boywise.

At registration, I noticed that Ralph hadn’t come up the stairs then I saw that his bike wasn’t there either. That’s coz he wasn’t in school today. (Duh, just state the obvious why don’t you, Tess!) I think it was probably a good job too coz at lunch, Emma decided she wanted to go to the chippy so we set off a bit earlier than we usually do. We ended up with all Ralph’s mates following us to the end of the road and if Ralph was in he would’ve been with ‘em. They went the other way when we got to the crossing. We met up with them again at the chippy.

A few days ago, Freddie told Emma he had some stalkers and Emma thought he meant us but then he told her it was Georgia Dean, Rachael Hollins and some other girl! Then, guess what, they turned up a few minutes later from the same direction as the lads had come from so I said to Freddie, “Here come your stalkers.” [I was the one that noticed Ralph hadn’t walked up the stairs at his usual time. I was in no position to go flinging stalker accusations around.] He turned round and went, “Oh God!” when he saw them walk in. It’s funny really. He’s got so big-headed though!

Then, after lunch, I had Geography and I did what I said I’d do to Lizzie and Dougie. This is something like the conversation:-

Tess (me) [Thanks for the clarification.]: Dougie, do you fancy Lizzie?
Dougie: (Looked embarrassed!) No! Ralph fancies you though.
T: No he doesn’t.
D: He does.
T: He doesn’t!
D: He does, honestly!
T: Oh, ok.
D: Do you fancy him?
[This didn’t going as planned then.]
T: Yeah. (I was joking [I wasn’t.] but I think I sounded serious.)
D: What, you really fancy him?
T: Yeah! He’s so fit! (Sarcastic)
D: I’ll have to phone him tonight and tell him.
T: Yeah, you do that.

I bet he bloody well goes and phones him now! I’m gonna have to tell Dougie I don’t really fancy Ralph but he’s probably already gone and told everyone! Whether Ralph finds out probably depends on if he’s in tomorrow or not. Emma reckons Dougie won’t phone him coz he’s scared of Ralph. I’m not so sure about that!

I wonder if Ralph does fancy me.

November 1997 - Heart stars bye

5 thoughts on “I wonder if Ralph does fancy me – 26th November 1997

      • Sindy – I’m not sure I’d go with the word interesting but thank you! I think I was pretty blooming boring which is why I had so much time for worrying and writing it all down. I bet none of the cool people with proper social lives and boyfriends had time to keep a diary!


    • Ah, thank you 🙂 I want to know what happens next too! I’ve not had time to read ahead. I obviously know the general outcome (or non-outcome… I won’t say which!) but I can’t remember what happens along the way.

      Probably lots of worrying.


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