I’m all depressed now – 25th November 1997

Tuesday 25th I think Emma and Lizzie have gone and made things worse with Ralph. They had P.S.E. with him today and Lizzie said, “Tess fancies you”. I’m not sure what he did then but Jez whispered to him (Emma still heard), “Do you like her?” Ralph then said, “No! I hate her!”

Great. I think I’d rather not have known that. They’ve had their fun, why can’t they just leave it now? Stupid cows!

Anyhow, I think I’ll get Lizzie and Dougie back in one tomorrow. Ralph also said that Freddie fancies Emma (but I know he’s making that up coz he told me he was lying yesterday) and that Dougie fancies Lizzie. I think I’ll ask Dougie if it’s true in Geography tomorrow. I might even say it when Lizzie’s boyfriend from the USA (Davis, who’s built like tank. I don’t like him, he’s a right dickhead!) is standing nearby, you know, cause a bit of trouble! No, I won’t, but I still might say summit to Dougie.

I’m all depressed now, partly coz Ralph doesn’t like me and coz I’ve just been watching Soldier Soldier. I know it’s only acting and all but you get to like certain characters. One of ‘em got shot dead tonight in Africa, Chris McCleod. He must be going out of it. I prefer it when they’re in Britain. You sort of feel safer watching it coz usually it’s all in the barracks pissing about or in the pub getting pissed!

Anyway, I’d better get Tizzy (my hamster) out so…


February 1997 - Tizzy

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