We’ve got to get rid of the internet – 23rd & 24th November 1997

Sunday 23rd What a bastard! I’m talking about Freddie. He didn’t bloody well turn up! We phoned him eventually and he said he was babysitting. He could’ve phoned to tell us. We still went skating and got picked up earlier than expected.

So, me and Emma, sorry, Emma and I have decided that if we go anywhere else with them, we’re going to go but turn up really late, you know, just to keep ‘em hanging! Either that or not at all!


Monday 24th Okay, Freddie has given Emma his excuse today. He told her that he did have to babysit his brother because he had a fever. Also, his dad had to go into hospital for an operation. A vesectamy or whatever it’s called. Hmmm!

I’ve forgiven him now. He isn’t so much of a bastard as Dougie. He told Lizzie this morning that he didn’t even wanna come. Well why didn’t he just say so?! At least Freddie did want to come, or so he told Emma.

Ralph has been the other person that I’ve heard quite a bit from today too. This morning he was rolling Polo mints down the rails on the stairs at school for Graham Baxter to catch at the bottom. One rolled off and hit me so I glared at Graham. He held his hands up and said, “Ahh, Ralph, you hit your friend”. Ralph actually went quiet and Polos stopped shooting down the stairs. He must have got all embarrassed!

November 1997 - Polos

Oh no! I’ve been really daft. I went really stupid this afternoon and I went round telling everybody I loved Ralph. I forgot Emma’s got a lesson with him tomorrow. I bet [Or hope?] she tells him!

We’ve got to get rid of the internet coz the phone bill’s so high. I’m not that bothered except I’ve got this one mate, Adam (ARC33), who I’ve phoned a couple of times. I s’pose I’ve still got his phone number. I want to give him mine but I don’t think I’ll risk it.

BYE! x

2 thoughts on “We’ve got to get rid of the internet – 23rd & 24th November 1997

    • Getting rid of the internet was a fairly regular threat if my sister and I went too much over our 30 minutes each. As well as the phone bill, it was also frowned upon because “your grandma was trying to get through for over an hour!”


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