Emma’s not my favourite person – 16th November 1997

Sunday 16th Well, Emma’s not my favourite person today. She said she’d ring me this morning and she didn’t so (as usual) I ended up phoning her. Her sister answered so I told her to tell Emma I’d called.

I was bored all day then she phoned me this evening and said she’d been out all day with Suzanna (some mate of hers) at Charlie Wilson’s house. I was pretty annoyed. [Probably because of the whole secretly fancying him thing.] She could’ve phoned to see if I wanted to go. He only lives a couple of miles away, I cudda biked it. [No. I don’t like ‘cudda’. I don’t like it at all.]

Also, yesterday she was all about how sorry she was about leaving me out on Friday and then she only goes and does it again today.

Well anyway, I’ve decided to forget about it if she apologies tomorrow but I’m going to see if she does it herself without me telling her to. Oh, actually, I might give her until Wednesday coz she’d got a sponsored silence tomorrow. I don’t think she’ll keep it up!

I’ve got an assembly on Wednesday too which I’m dreading. I’ve got tomorrow lunch to practice and that’s all!


One thought on “Emma’s not my favourite person – 16th November 1997

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