I do quite like Ralph – 12th November 1997

Wednesday 12th I’m 15 years old today. I got up this morning and opened the presents from Mum, Dad and Charlotte. I got

– an Umbro top and black pants
– glow in the dark stars to stick on my ceiling
– some bubble bath or summit
– Sunchyme [God, that one takes me back!]Torn, As Long As You Love Me and Jimmy Ray CDs
– and…er…choccys

July 1997 - Backstreet Boys

When I met Emma, Zoe, Leona and Poppy this morning, they started singing Happy Birthday so I told ‘em where to go! [Charming.] I got to school and my friends gave me cards and I got the Clueless film on video from Emma, another box of chocs from Cat and £5 of Freda. Everyone seemed to know it was my birthday. I don’t know how coz I didn’t tell them!

When I was going out of my tutor room at break, Dougie and co were walking the other way and I heard someone yell, “Look Ralph! There’s Tess!” Then someone whistled. I think half the school probably heard!

At lunch, I went up to the Home Ec. Room with Emma so she could sort out her cooking stuff. I forgot Ralph was in her group so I had a shock when I went in and saw him in the kitchen with Emma. I had to go out again to stop myself from laughing so I went and got the chocolates so I had something to take my mind off laughing. I ended up giving most of them to Ralph, Emma and Cat though coz I only really like the cream ones. I finished the whole box.

Freddie came up too. He’s just so funny. I don’t know why coz it’s just stupid little things that he says. Hayley came up for a while too and told me she thinks Ralph fancies me so Sarah told him that I fancied him, just to make matters worse. Then Emma asked him if he fancied me and he said no. Phew! I s’pose he was hardly going to admit it if he does though! [Bit disappointed there, young Tess?]

Geography was boring coz Dougie doesn’t say much but he asked Neil Kennedy to the cinema. So, after school, I went back up to see Emma’s cakes and I asked Ralph if he wanted to come coz I don’t think Dougie really gets on with him. He said he might then I realised what a stupid thing that was to say coz he’ll think I want him to come coz I fancy him. [I DID WANT HIM TO COME COZ I FANCIED HIM! I even admit in a minute.]

It was funny when he was tasting Emma’s cakes! They must have been awful! His face just screwed up and he legged it to the bin! His cakes looked really nice though. I think he’s gunna be a chef.

I asked him again about the cinema and he said he might come so I told him who else could be coming. He changed his mind to “no way” when I told him Ed, Davis and Neil are going!

I hate saying this coz he’s not exactly fit but I do quite like Ralph. If anyone that knows me or him reads this, I’m begging you, PLEASE don’t say anything. I’ve had pretty good taste in lads up until now and it could get very embarrassing. Okay?


October 1997 - Party bye

6 thoughts on “I do quite like Ralph – 12th November 1997

      • Oh god, tell me about it! I also used to love that ‘Freestyler’ song by Boomfunk MCs. Still a classic but once it worms it’s way into your brain, it’s on permanent repeat!
        Loving your teenage diaries by the way!


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