Sarah said he looked disgusted – 11th November 1997

Tuesday 11th This is my last day of being 14. Oh well!

November 1997 - Poppy

Not that much has happened today. We had a 2 minute silence at 11:00 this morning for Remembrance Day. I was in theory P.E. and Mr B took us to the bus turning circle. It was Poppy’s birthday too.

Freda went and asked Ralph out for me after Emma told her to. Sarah said he looked disgusted. It’s gunna be a bit embarrassing if anyone else says anything to him.

I hope Lizzie is back tomorrow coz I’ll have to sit on my bill with Neil Kennedy and Dougie behind me! If she is still off then hopefully Poppy will be in so she can sit next to me.

I’m meant to be going to the cinema on Friday although I don’t know how we’re gunna get there. I’m going and so is Emma, Ed and Dougie. Some daft idiot asked Davis (I think it was Ed) and he said he’d bring Lizzie. Ed’s also gone and asked Olivia too. There’ll probably be the rest of school coming by tomorrow!



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