We were pretending it was a voodoo doll – 10th November 1997

Monday 10th I’m sorry I didn’t write yesterday. I couldn’t face it! I had a bit of a shock, you see, coz […*2015 Tess turns page to find out what awful, shocking thing had happened*…] last night Man Utd only went and lost to BLOODY Arseholes with their manager Arsehole Wanker. [Oh. Is that all? And watch your bloody language, young Tess!] Sorry, Arsenal and their manager Arsene Wenger. I mean, we’re still one point clear at the top but it could’ve been more. I’ve not heard the end of it from Hayley all day.

I was dreading seeing Dougie today coz I was embarrassed about Saturday but he didn’t actually say owt.

Emma’s bought, well, her mum got her this bendy alien thing from holiday where she was at the weekend which looks like this:-

November 1997 - Katebert

It’s green and she’s called it Katelie Jacobs coz it looks like a mixture between Kate Moss and Charlie Wilson and I bent it into a yoga type position and Lucy Jacobs does yoga so that’s where we got the surname from. It was funny at break coz we were pretending it was a voodoo doll and I bent it’s head back and Charlie put his hand round the back of his neck, then Emma moved its arm and he moved to wave to someone, I think!

I was pissing about at lunch and I told Cat and Emma that I fancied Dougie, Freddie and Ralph. They thought I was joking so I added Neil Kennedy on the end. They only went in the library and asked him out for me. Great! That’s 4 people who think I fancy them now! Freddie and Ralph do coz Hayley asked them out for me, Neil does after today and Dougie must be a bit suspicious after us turning up outside his house at 9:00 at night!

Louise Woodward’s sentence has been changed to manslaughter and she’s already served her 9 months in prison so she’s free. She can’t come home to Britain just yet because the prosecution might appeal so she’s agreed to let them keep her passport until it’s been sorted. Everyone seems pleased with this verdict, although there will be some that aren’t.


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