Dougie persuaded us into it – 8th November 1997

Saturday 8th It’s Freddie’s birthday! Emma said her dad could take us to the bonfire so I stayed at her house for tea. It was horrible! All the things I hate stuck on one plate! Baked beans, cucumber, tomato, raw carrot, baked potatoes and pizza. Gross!

I managed to force down the carrot, potato and pizza but I couldn’t eat the rest. There was something else too. I think it was some sort of bread but I didn’t risk eating it! [Did I think my best friend’s family was trying to poison me?]

We went to the Spar shop near the bonfire where we said we’d meet Olivia. She came at about 7pm and so did her younger sister. We walked to the park. It was dark but we just followed the crowds. It was only 50p to get in and we made our way up a hill so we could get a good view of the bonfire but everyone else has the same idea.

We saw Ralph and Freddie with their mates and some silly bitches so we kept out of the way. Dougie wasn’t with them.

The bonfire was really good. They hadn’t lit it so we could see that someone had made a really good haunted house out of it. There was really loud music and some fire-breathing blokes running around. Eventually it got set alight and we only stayed around to see it collapse! The fireworks were next and there were some dead good ones. It was a good show for 50p. [I always have liked a bargain.]

Afterwards, the 4 of us went back to the Spar. Olivia’s mum came to pick them up and it started raining. Emma and I weren’t sure what to do coz we couldn’t find a phone. We then decided to walk to Lucy’s house to ask if we could borrow their phone. I remembered that Lucy had told me she had family coming round and I told this to Emma as we were nearing the house. We chickened out of going.

We had just decided to go back to the Spar when I saw an Adidas coat on Dougie’s drive. It was him going in the garage for summit. He spotted us and asked what we were doing so Emma told him that we were stuck in his village and we were going to Lucy’s for the phone. He told us to go in and use his. We refused at first coz we felt a bit cheeky but Dougie persuaded us into it coz we were soaking.

March 1997 - Dougie's house front 2

[I did it! I went INSIDE his ACTUAL HOUSE that I had only been able to gaze at (and draw) from the outside before.]

He went in for a minute to ask his mum and came back out again and told us to wait coz she was just tidying up coz they were redecorating. He told us to come in and said he’d got rid of his family out of the kitchen so I could use the phone. I picked it up but there was no dialling tone so he sorted it out for me and I phoned my mum. I told her I was at Lucy’s which was the house with the pink light in the porch.  The only part I lied about was it being Lucy’s house coz there is a pink light outside.

Dougie offered us a drink but I didn’t want one and he told us to sit down. He said he’d been ill for the last few days and he didn’t go to the fire with Ralph and co coz they were getting pissed after and he said he had enough of a headache already.

It was quite funny really coz members of his family kept coming in to get stuff but he said it was just coz they were nosy. It started off with this littlest sister (who’s 10) coming in to make a cup of coffee. She kept dropping stuff and he told us it was just so she could stay longer to hear what we were talking about. Then his mum came in. She seemed nice enough and asked us if we wanted a drink or owt.

We ran out of things to say so we put Jaws on TV. Then Dougie’s dad came in and asked me if I had a white estate car.


[The car.]

I said yes and went outside. It was my mum. I said thanks to Dougie and he came out to wave us off so I thought I’d have to tell Mum the truth. I did but she said she didn’t mind.


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