I said mine was Ralph – 5th November 1997

Wednesday 5th
October 1997 - Fireworks

Football first. Man Utd – 3, Feyenoord – 1. YES! Andy Cole got a hat-trick, brilliant man! Luv him! The Feyenoord blokes are a right bunch of bastards. You should’ve seen the tackle the ref let ’em get away with on Denis Irwin. He’s gunna be out for a while.

The other soccer thing is that Jade Hancock asked why there wasn’t a Year 10 girls team and she was told that if she could get enough girls to play then we could so I put my name down. Loads of my friends have. It could be good

Dougie and Freddie were both off today so I’ve had a pretty boring day. I went hyper this afternoon though and I did something really stupid. I went and told Emma, Hayley, Abby and Sarah that I fancied Ralph. [Because I did.] I don’t know why [Because I did.] but they knew I was only joking. [No I wasn’t.]

Then, in The Game of Life, I told Hayley and Emma that they had to name their husband when they got to that bit on the board. So, Hayley got there 1st and had Dougie, then Emma who said hers was Freddie, so coz I was last, I said mine was Ralph. Again, I was only joking [Again, no I wasn’t.] and so were they but my two favourite lads at the moment were taken. So I said Ralph.

[Nothing says true love like naming a tiny peg after your sweetheart. Original image via Etsy]

October 1997 - Bonfire bye

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