Great. Now Freddie thinks I fancy him. – 4th November 1997

Tuesday 4th I’ve had a pretty rough day today. Mum had a go at me this morning coz I refused to join Swing Band. She said I’m not going ton the trip to Paris unless I do. I’ve got to now. Grrrrr!

On the way to school I found out what really happened to Zoe yesterday. She told me and Emma that she went off up the road to get some food (Bollocks! There’s a café at the ice rink.) then got lost on the way back. That’s all she told us but, later on, Rachael Hollins told me that she saw Zoe walking back towards the ice rink and we would’ve passed her on the way to McDonald’s. So, Emma and I think she was on her way back and hid when she saw us coming coz she didn’t want us to see her crying (Rachael said she was).

Later on, Emma was talking to Tony Archer, this lad in 6th Form that Zoe knows and fancies. He asked Emma if she went skating with Zoe coz she’d phoned him up (in tears) and she told him she was lost and asked if he could pick her up. He couldn’t so he phoned her mum.

Meanwhile, Zoe phoned Ed’s mum (Ed told us this) and asked if they could pick her up. They also phoned her mum and that’s who got her eventually. What a daft cow!

When I was on the stairs outside form, Freddie and Ralph walked past. I took no notice and pretended I hadn’t seen them but when Dougie came up, he gave me a quick smile then grinned to himself. Weird!

At lunch, Dougie and Jez Greenhalgh were in the music rooms. We (me and Emma) were talking to Ed and asking him why he and his mum had been going round telling people that Emma fancied him. Dougie then butted in and said to Emma, “Freddie said you asked him out. Did you?” I just laughed until he said to me, “He said you and Georgia did too.”

My 1st thought was that he was lying until Jez backed him up. Then I went round all afternoon thinking what a bastard Freddie was until I told Hayley about it and she said she’d asked him out for us all in Drama and he said, “I dunno.”

Great. Now Freddie thinks I fancy him.

Other little things went wrong today, like I brought the wrong P.E. kit and I forgot some text books. [Disaster!]


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