It’s not that obvious, is it? – 2nd November 1997

Sunday 2nd I’m going ice skating tomorrow and I’ve spent most of today at Emma’s planning it. This is what’s meant to happen:-

  • 11:15 am – I get to Emma’s house on my bike.
  • 11:45 am – Meet Zoe and Neil Kennedy at the park.
  • After that, we get the bus to Warrington Bus Station then, from there, get another bus to Altrincham.
  • Meet Ralph and Freddie (possibly Dougie) at the ice rink at 2:00 pm.

I doubt it’ll go as planned.

Emma invited Neil when she went to a bonfire last night and she said Zoe was dropping hints so she ended up asking her too. Nobody wants ‘em to come. I know coz we phoned Ralph and checked everything and he wasn’t exactly discrete about it! We also phoned Dougie and I get the impression her didn’t really want to come anyway and he said he had to look after his sister but he might make it.

Emma keeps asking me if I fancy Freddie and I keep denying it. It’s not that obvious, is it? [Probably.]


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