Oops, what an accident! – 28th & 29th October 1997

Tuesday 28th Ok, I have a decision to make. Do I go to London with Mum and Abby or do I stay at home with Dad and go to the cinema and ice skating with the lot that went to Manchester?

I really can’t choose. I wanna do both. There’s a chance I could get ice skating changed to another day but who’s stopping them from going somewhere else without me?

Oh well, I’ve got another day to decide.


Wednesday 29th I’m going to London tomorrow.

I’ve had a really boring day coz Abby went to Camelot and Emma was shopping in Bolton. I phoned Emma this evening and I couldn’t believe it when she told me what she’d bought.

She 1st asked me to describe Freda’s jacket so I told her it was a black and white USA Nike one. Oops, what an accident! [I believe that to be sarcasm.] She’d gone and bought the same one. I then asked her what else she’d bought and she said an Umbro sweatshirt. I asked her to describe that and she said it was grey with ‘Original Training Product’ written on the sleeve. I thought it was a wind-up so I told her and said, “Sounds like mine!” She then asked me if I was joking. She’s only gone and bought something else the same as mine!

 October 1997 - Sportswear

I asked her calmly why she’d started buying sports gear and she said it was coz it doesn’t make you look fat. Bollocks!!! It makes her look awful! She’s gone from jeans and stuff which suited her to stuff like what I wear. It’s embarrassing to go anywhere with her at the moment coz she looks the same as me. I just want her to go back to her own style instead of mine. [STYLE?! Did I think living in joggers like a massive scruff was a style?! I should’ve been copying Emma, not the other way round.] I’m really getting annoyed about it now.

Anyway, I had to try not to say owt to her on the phone coz I wanted to persuade her out of going ice skating on Friday. I think I have and we’re going on Monday now.

We tried to do a 3 way call with Lizzie to tell her but she wasn’t in so we did Ralph. It was a very short talk and he said he could come and that he’d phone Freddie. A few minutes later we phoned him back and this time it was a bit longer. He said his mum had been asking him the questions you always get when a member of the opposite sex phones you!

Emma wants Davis to come but we didn’t. I s’pose she’ll just phone him when we’re not there.


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