I panicked and worried that he’d be wearing his Adidas pants – 25th October 1997

Saturday 25th I’ve had quite a good day actually. I phoned Emma this morning and we decided to go into the next village after lunch. I had to wait at the end of her land for ages before she turned up. I was really annoyed at her coz she was wearing the same Adidas pants as me.

I found out that I couldn’t really have gone to the cinema whether Emma had asked me or not because it was Ed’s birthday treat or something. She said Hayley had phoned her last night too coz she was feeling guilty about me not going. That was nice.

Anyway, we went into the village and got a few sweets and stuff then cycled up by the phone box so we decided to phone someone. I said Dougie but Emma said she didn’t want to coz she’s always phoning him but we thought of an excuse which was that we wanted to know what was going on on Monday with the cinema or whatever.

We phoned Hayley 1st to see if she could come but she wasn’t in so we, well Emma, just phoned Dougie. They started off decided where were going and I think we’re all going to Manchester now. The conversation carried on until Emma said something about him joining us today and meeting us by the park. She hung up and told me he was coming in about three quarters of an hour.

I panicked and worried that he’d be wearing his Adidas pants too.

July 1997 - Outfit example

[These were the type of Adidas pants of concern.]

We went to the shops for a bit to pass the time and so Emma could ask the beauticians if they took work experience pupils. They said no. We ended up waiting on the stairs for ages coz it was warm and we could see the park.

Emma went into the bogs and he arrived. I didn’t know if I should tell her or go to him coz I thought he might go. I went down and waved for him to come across the road. He did and I was just about to go and get Emma when she came back down.

Dougie was wearing his black Adidas pants (Phew!) [Mine were navy blue.] and his usual grey rollerblade top.

We decided to go and see Ed’s rats. I didn’t want to really but it was something to do. Dougie kept asking us where people lived. Emma told him but I didn’t. Ed wasn’t in so we rode up Hall Drive coz Dougie wanted to see it and Emma said something about collecting phone numbers and Dougie seemed to think that was really sad.

We then went down the alley and up the road towards the woods. We got up to the lightning tree [A tree that was all scorched and stumpy.] and Emma suggested carrying on til we got to the dual carriageway.

October 1997 - Woods

We got as far as what Emma called ‘the minefield’. We kept asking her why she called it that and she said it was some army thing where they put mines. We told her she was being daft and she said there were signs everywhere warning you about it. We laughed at her. They were signs saying ‘Rentokil’ which is a pest control thing, innit?

Emma gave me black look coz she had told me before Dougie came that she didn’t want us ganging up against her together like we usually do. I hadn’t noticed.

We turned back eventually and went in the direction we’d just come from back into the woods. On the way, we went under the railway bridge and there are steps on the other side up to the track so we went up. I said to Dougie, “I bet a train comes” and one did. We got up and he said to me, “Did you get the number, Tess?” suggesting I was a trainspotter but before I could say anything he changed it and said, “Sorry, I meant Emma!” He is so tight really but at least he wasn’t insulting me! I don’t know why he changed it though.

We went back down coz a train was coming the other way and went to the woods. Dougie and I got there 1st coz Emma was walking her bike for some reason. There was a stream there so we both found a narrow place. He offered to jump over and I could pass him the bikes. The banks were really muddy and I was sliding down. He had hold of a branch but was still slipping. We got his bike across, just.

By that time, Emma had caught up and started trying to cross where it was wider with much steeper banks. I don’t know why she didn’t just come to us. She only went and got stuck, didn’t she! One leg was on one side of the stream and the other was on the other side with her bike stood up in the stream next to her, holding her up. She was screaming for us to help her out so Dougie ran and tried to grab her and I got her bike out. He was grabbing and pulling at her but he was slipping too. I pulled her bike out and he let go and she fell in!!!

Only her legs got wet but it was so funny. Dougie and I couldn’t stop laughing but I wasn’t just laughing at her, I was laughing at him too. He laugh is really funny. It’s sorta high pitched. It doesn’t suit him. It’s like when we went under the bridge, he screamed coz it echoed and I thought he was Emma coz he sounded like a girl!

I climbed a tree and Dougie stood there whilst Emma dried off. I’d got my bike over so we rode off. Emma was begging us not to tell anyone coz she was embarrassed but I don’t know if I can manage it!

We got back to the main road and went our separate ways. I wanna do summit like that tomorrow but I don’t know if they’d want to.

Oh yeah, after we’d called for Ed, we suggested calling for Hayley but Dougie said no. If he liked her, he would have said yes, wouldn’t he?


P.S. This thing’s changed colour on it’s own.
Dougie’s scared of rats!!!
Manchester United 7 – Barnsley F.C. 0     YEAH!!!

October 1997 - Rat

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