Stupid cow – 24th October 1997

Friday 24th P. [Period.]

I didn’t go into school today. I sort of made myself sound worse than I actually was. I knew I would get stomach cramps and I was a bit worried about being sick again so I told Mum I had a sore throat. It wasn’t a complete lie coz it was sore and dry when I woke up. Anyway, Poppy wasn’t in so it got me out of sitting on my own in P.S.E. too! I feel a bit guilty now.

I have missed out on going to the cinema coz all my friends went with Ed this evening. I phoned Emma to see if I’d missed much and I asked what was going on about the cinema (you know, with Dougie and Freddie) and she told me she was going in a few minutes to see Volcano. I asked if they were going and she said no and told me that it was all our friends and Ed.

Well, it was nice of her to ask me. NOT!!! Stupid cow. I really hate her sometimes. If I hadn’t have phoned her, I wouldn’t have known about it and, even when she told me, she didn’t bloody well bother to ask if I wanted to come.

October 1997 - Cow

So, after that I phoned Hayley to see what she had to say about it. First I asked her what was going on with Dougie etc. just to get onto the subject. Then she told me that they were going tonight and asked me if I wanted to come and said she felt guilty coz I wasn’t. I said I did want to come which made her feel even worse then I felt a bit snidey! She said I’d have to phone Emma about it coz Hayley wasn’t really organising it.

At least she’s got a conscience, unlike Thornley! [Emma’s surname.] If she was organising it, she should have checked at least if I was well enough to come. I thought I was a mate.

That’s gonna be the excuse, innit, if I ask the cow why she didn’t ask me. “I thought you were ill.” She makes me so angry sometimes!!!

BYE!!! [Extra angry, hormone-infused BYE.]

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