I don’t think he trusts me at all – 23rd October 1997

Thursday 23rd Yuk, pink! Hold on, I’ll just change the cartridge. Actually, it’s a waste. You’ll just have to put up with it! [Was I writing this at myself? I certainly didn’t ever want anyone else to read it!]

The basketball assessment was hard but the lowest mark was 14 out of 25 so it was over half. We’re doing volleyball next after the hols. I’ve never done it before. It could get interesting!

I had a Geography test this morning. It was all the stuff I hadn’t really looked at! I made a stupid mistake which I only realised after I’d handed it in. I’d put 15,000mm instead of 150mm or summit coz I’d read the bloody graph wrong!

Dougie seems to be ignoring me. He just doesn’t start up conversations with me like he did once. Poppy wasn’t in today so she probably won’t be in tomorrow which means I’ll have to sit on my bill next to Dougie. It’s embarrassing coz you’ve got no-one to talk to and it looks like you’ve got no mates! I’m dreading it.

I was walking behind Charlie W again on my way to the primary school after school. He kept turning round. I don’t think he trusts me at all. I’ll have to stop teasing him about Emma.

Urgh!!! This colour’s gone weird!


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