I’ve decided I like them both – 20th October 1997

Monday 20th I saw Ralph, Freddie and Dougie on my way to English. I didn’t really notice Ralph but Freddie looked at me and Dougie sorta smiled. I’ve decided I like them both.

This evening I phoned Emma about some Chemistry homework and we decided to do that 3 way call thing with Dougie. [Don’t worry if you have no idea what I mean. I’m about to give you a set of instructions.] She did most of it and dialled Dougie.

You have to:-

  1. Dial the first person as normal.
  2. Press ‘Recall’.
  3. Wait for the dialling tone then dial the 2nd
  4. When the 2nd person answers, press ‘Recall’, wait for the dial tone and press ‘3’.

You see, you are not meant to let the first person answer but I was already talking to Emma and she did the rest and it still worked. [Much to the delight of our phone bill paying parents, no doubt.]

October 1997 - 3 way call

The 3 of us were all talking about where we’re going this weekend (to see Shooting Fish probably) then we decided to experiment and try a 4 way call. Dougie suggested Ralph coz he’s got his number which set us off saying that Emma fancies Ralph. Then that set us off about the dodgems and Hayley and Dougie. Then he said we don’t have to tell Hayley where we’re going. I said that was tight and asked him why he didn’t want her to come. He said he didn’t mind or something.

Eventually we got round to trying the 4-way call but it didn’t work so we went.

I don’t know what I’m going to do when I see him tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “I’ve decided I like them both – 20th October 1997

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