I thought maybe he was sulking – 17th October 1997

Friday 17th The first time I saw Dougie today was when he walked up the stairs past me to line up for form. I wasn’t sure how to react so I just ignored him [Standard reaction.] and kept talking to Sarah. As he was going up the other flight of stairs, I couldn’t resist looking up to see what he was doing. He was looking at me but neither of us smiled.

He usually does smile so I thought maybe he was sulking coz Emma did say I told her he was going to phone her. Lizzie said he’s told her I’d told Emma but I hadn’t. All I’d said was that he’d got her number.

He wasn’t in the Music rooms at lunch so I went to the garage with Emma. When we got back, we both went for a walk with Hayley and Lena down to the field coz Hayley wanted to see Dougie and co. She told me she didn’t actually fancy Dougie anymore and she likes Will Fernley (Ferny) instead now.

We went past the Sports Hall coz they could have been in there but they weren’t so we went out of the back door to the field. We waited for a moment coz we felt a bit funny about walking past all the silly bitches. We did have to but they ignored us and got on with talking to their mates.

We went round the garages and saw Ralph, Ferny, Dougie, Freddie and a few others playing some game with a tennis ball. Ralph ran past me and on his way back I said, “Do you fancy Hayley?” Everyone’s been saying he does so I thought I’d just check. He denied it so I asked him why people had been saying he did. He just told me, “They must be wrong”. Oh yeah, right. Like we’re gonna believe that!

I caught up with the other 3 and I noticed Dougie had been watching me speaking to Ralph. I got a thump off Hayley and we decided to go back. It looked a bit stupid just turning round so we pretended to look for someone.

On the way back, Emma (I think) asked if Ferny still liked Hayley. I thought I’d ask [The helpful, non-interfering little soul that I was.] so I yelled, “Ferny!” Before I could say anything else, Hayley grabbed my hair bobble so I shut up coz I don’t like wearing my hair down. I got it back and I looked over and saw Dougie looking at me and laughing a bit. I was going back past the tennis courts and I turned round and he was looking until the ball came his way.

[So much detail for so little actually happening!]

October 1997 - Hearts

At last break, Poppy and I were panicking about where to go coz Mrs L hasn’t told us that we had changed teachers for P.S.E. [Personal and Social Education – A kind of ‘Other’ category of lesson covering subjects that didn’t fit in anywhere else e.g. careers, bullying and sex education.] so we didn’t know where to go. We went up to the usual room with Dougie but there was another group outside. We ended up going in a room with them then we got told we had Mr H. We got to the right lesson eventually and everyone else seemed to know we’d changed.


P.S. Hayley phoned me and said Dougie was going to phone me tonight about bowling times so I was worrying that Mum or Dad would answer! He didn’t though.

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