Why do I like him?! – 14th October 1997

Tuesday 14th Emma and I went in the Music rooms at lunch again and Ed and Dougie were there on the computers. They finished but we all stayed and talked anyway. One of the subjects was Davis. Davis and Lizzie and Davis and Adi!

Adi is this boy in Year 11 and, since yesterday, everyone’s been saying that he admitted to a mate that he was gay and fancied Davis! Emma walks home with him sometimes and has told me before that people have said (and she thought) he was gay. Adi is also said to be using his middle name and Emma pointed out to me that Davis uses his middle name too! [Did we think that meant they were made for each other?]

The other main subject was ice skating. You see, Hayley doesn’t want to go anymore so it looks like it’s just going to be Freddie Bevan, Dougie, me and Emma.

November 1996 - Ice skate

Dougie was eating his lunch whilst talking to us. It was gross! He was shoving it all in his gob and snorting and sniffing (I think he’s got a cold) and he had to keep opening his mouth to breathe. Urgh, it was horrible and then he had an apple and something made him laugh and it went everywhere!

Why do I like him?! [Perhaps it was balanced out by the way he nibbled biscuits so delicately.]

ox BYE! xo

5 thoughts on “Why do I like him?! – 14th October 1997

  1. Oh I just love this! And your commentary is the best! I’m shipping You and Dougie. #TeamTougie!! I wish he had corresponding journals to see his point of view. Or at least read these and commented. I want to know if he liked you back! It’s killing me, yet I don’t want you to tell me, I want to read it in your later posts.


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