Oh, I luv the guy! – 8th October 1997

Wednesday 8th First thing this morning, we had assembly. I walked in through the doors and most people were already in the studio including Dougie. He was looking at me and Lizzie (I think) at one point. It was quite a good assembly done by Mr M on fear. He was coming round with cobwebs and dead wasps and throwing woodlice at us!

He was funny considering he’d just had a right go at our form for being the worst. He says we’ve nearly had as many detentions as the rest of the year put together! The rest of ‘em must have done well!

3rd thing we had basketball. It was quite good (considering the lads don’t tend to pass the 6 of us the ball) because we had a game. Our team was crap but I managed to block a few passes and score once.

I always end up on Johnny Doherty’s team and he’s gotta be the worst for not giving us the ball. The rest of the group that is! He’s a selfish bastard and wants to get all the glory so he keeps the ball to himself.

Anyway, at the end, Mr B was saying to the lads how they should learn to trust us more and that with our netball skills we can do pretty well. He then said, “Tess, you were super today”. I was really pleased coz I didn’t think I’d done so well. I found it hard not to smile!

At lunch, I saw Dougie and his mates go out of school so I was trying to hurry Lizzie up so we’d pass them on our way out. Just as we were about to take our bags up to our form rooms, I saw Dougie come back in on his bill. I thought he would go and get his bag and I was right [After years of stalking, I’d got to know his habits rather well.] so, after being stopped by Hayley, he was behind us on the way up the stairs.

I chucked my bag in a corner (accidentally on purpose on top of his) and I turned round and he was stood behind me. He said, “Hello” (and I did too) and grabbed his bag and followed us back down the stairs. We got outside and I asked him what he was doing but before he had chance to answer, Lizzie asked him, “Are you stalking us?” He mumbled some sarky answer, smiled and went in another block. I think he’s in Macbeth (Ha, ha, ha! That should be good!) so he was probably going to rehearsals.

Later on in lunch, it started pouring it down so Emma and I went off to the Music block. I saw Dougie and Ralph come in so I told Emma and went to see what they were doing. Well, we didn’t actually go to them coz that would’ve looked obvious so we went to Ed instead. Dougie kept turning round and came over at one point.

They were all composing music on the computers so we went over and listened to Dougie’s. It was quite good except it sounded a bit like a funeral march!

The bell went and he raced off, looking back at me once.

It was Geography straight after lunch and Mrs C was setting another class some work so we just talked for a few minutes. I really can’t remember what about but Neil kept saying stupid things about bed-wetting after X-Files and stuff and Dougie and I just looked at each other.

I mentioned Ed’s list of top 20 girls and Dougie asked me if I was on it. I said no and he sort of smiled but not nastily.

Oh, I luv the guy! Well, that could change, depending on what happens tomorrow! [CLIFFHANGER!!]

November 1996 - Red heart (general)
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2 thoughts on “Oh, I luv the guy! – 8th October 1997

  1. I love this post for two reasons. The first is that whether we’re small children, teenagers or adults the universal truths of human nature remain the same, there will always be someone in our lives whose a ‘selfish bastard and wants to get all the glory’ and ‘keeps the ball’ metaphorical or otherwise, to themselves. The second is simply that this reminds me so much of me. Accidently on purposes is just the sort of thing I would have said/written!


  2. Dougie might never have noticed me under my massive, crap fringe if I hadn’t have engineered such situations!

    And you’re absolutely right that there are always ball-hogging selfish gits out there, no matter what age you are. I still write about them in my diary. The ones at work nowadays will be sorry in 2035 if I keep this blog up! 😉

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