He told me to feel his hand – 4th October 1997

Saturday 4th Emma and I went to Dougie’s village this afternoon. It took about 20 mins to get there and we were knackered. I wanted to call on Lizzie first but Emma wanted to go for Lucy so we did. [Lucy very conveniently lived next door to Dougie.]

I wanted to see Dougie but I also didn’t. D’you know what I mean?! We got past his house without seeing him and went for Lucy. Her sister answered the door and Lucy was eating her lunch so we went for Lizzie. She wasn’t in. She’d gone to her nan’s and swimming I think so we went back to Lucy’s again.

Lucy suggested calling on Dougie to see if he wanted to come so we sent her round. He didn’t. His middle sis had answered the door and said he was having a shower and doing homework.

We ended up taking our bikes to the park and just standing about. Somebody had drawn a picture in pen on one of the swings saying ‘Big Head JD’. We thought it could’ve been James Douglas (Dougie)!

I got bored and made them get off the swings and we cycled back to Lucy’s. We just stood [lurked] on the drive talking and Lucy went back round to Dougie’s. He said to give him a minute so we went inside for a drink.

Emma was just stuffing her face with cake when Dougie came to the front door. I went outside and stood on the drive with the others. There was a really awkward silence and nobody could decide what to do. In the end, we went through onto Dougie’s drive and played basketball. He’s not bad and I go a few in but Lucy and Emma gave up in the end coz they’re crap!

We just stood there shooting and started talking and we started taking the piss out of Charlie W and his party in the car park! It got really boring so Dougie and Lucy thought they would take us up this hill. We left our bikes and started walking. We took a short cut through these trees and I got hit in the eye with a branch. I was stood there with my eye watering and Dougie said, “You alright?” The other two just ignored me.

Anyway, we got through the nettles and brambles and got to the top. It was more open with not so many trees and we just sat on the grass eating Smints and Polos. Dougie then pulled a kite out of his pocket and told us that he knew there’d be nowt to do.

Emma went over to a bush and started picking berries and throwing them at us so Dougie chased her round and did it back. At one point, Lucy and Emma disappeared over the side of the hill and left me and Dougie. He commented on them being lesbians after I’d asked what the hell they were doing.

He went and touched some tree, trying to get off berries to throw at Emma and there was all this waxy stuff on it. He came over and showed me and he told me to feel his hand. I just laughed and said, “No, you’re alright!” and I couldn’t stand it any longer, I just had to get the other two to come back! [For God’s sake! I should’ve just touched his hand. Although, if touching his coat was the best thing since sliced bread, touching his ACTUAL HAND might’ve turned me into a jibbering wreck.]

General 1997 - Heart

Dougie asked them what they’d been doing and Lucy came out with, “We were just rolling round in the grass.” Dougie and I just burst out laughing and got told by Lucy we had sick minds!

We went back to Lucy’s again and said bye as Dougie went home. On the way back, Dougie had trodden in a dead magpie I’d turned over on the way up the hill and he had bits of it on his trainer but I didn’t tell him!

We ended up talking to Dougie again over the fence but not for long coz we had to go home. We told Lucy to come and meet us tomorrow and get Dougie to come too. I want them too, I think, but I don’t think they will.

On the way back, Emma told me that she’d gone over that hill deliberately so Dougie and I were alone. I don’t know what she thought we’d do!

Lucy and Dougie said they saw us leaving the cinema last night but couldn’t be bothered saying hi. Charming!

I can’t decide what Dougie thinks of me. I was pretty miserable today coz Man Utd were playing Crystal Palace and there was nowhere to get the score. If I see him tomorrow, I’ll try and be a bit livelier! I’m a bit worried about someone I know seeing us if we do meet up and then telling Mum or Dad.

Anyway, we probably won’t be going.


P.S. The score was 2-0 to Man U. Yey!

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