Go buy the video! – 3rd October 1997

Friday 3rd When I got to school this morning, Emma started begging me to go to a party with her. It’s one of Charlie W’s and he’d asked her through her friend Vanessa. I would probably go if it wasn’t going to be full of Year 11s and if Mum wouldn’t care. Plus, well, it’s Charlie Wilson, innit. Would you wanna go to a party of his? [I think I wanted to go.]

Davis asked Lena out in English yesterday. He asked her by writing it in the back of his book. She gave him her answer this afternoon which was basically NO.

I went to see The Full Monty with Lizzie, Freda and Emma this evening. It was brilliant! It was so funny I would take ages writing about it so if you wanna know, go buy the video!

Dougie and Ed were menna [‘Meant to’ for those of you that speak and write properly.] be going with Lucy and Poppy again but we didn’t see them.

Emma and I might ride into Dougie’s village on our bikes tomorrow.

The cat from next door, Sheba, was just run over outside a few minutes ago. We heard people outside and Abby saw 2 police bikes and a dead cat in the road. We though it could’ve been Cleo but it wasn’t so Mum went next door to tell them.


2 thoughts on “Go buy the video! – 3rd October 1997

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