I don’t think anyone’s ever liked me – 2nd October 1997

Thursday 2nd Everyone was talking about the match last night. Most people in our school either support Liverpool or Man Utd coz we’re between the two. The odd person supports Bolton and teams like that but they usually keep quiet about it.

I wanna know who Dougie fancies. It’s probably one of the silly bitches who he and his mates usually hang round with.

I don’t think anyone’s ever liked me. Most of my friends have either been with [snogged] lads or been out with them but I haven’t. It’s not exactly counted on the internet coz they don’t know you.

When people talk about boyfriends they’ve had they then ask me about it. I can’t lie coz they know I’d tell them if something had happened. I’m not really that bothered but it’s just a bit embarrassing.

Just because I don’t go around in waist-length skirts and I happen to like football, some of my mates get a bit annoyed! That makes me go on about footy even more, especially to Emma coz she pretends she knows about it but hasn’t got a clue. She actually thought Ruud Gullit was Brian McClair!

OW!!! I just banged my knee on the desk! I’ve already done that once today.

There’s this trip to Paris with the Swing Band in school and Abby’s going. Yesterday, Emma was asked by Mr P if she wanted to go and he asked her to say the same thing to me. He’s ended up asking most of the orchestra and some of his form too. If he can get a lot of people to go, the price will drop a bit I think. I’ve not actually had a letter about this but Emma also told me that he wants us to join Swing Band too.

I haven’t heard any of this straight from Mr P so I don’t really know what’s going on. Also, Abby’s going so if I really can go then Mum and Dad are going to have to pay double which I feel really guilty about because I’m going on a ski trip as well.

Emma’s also not sure she can go unless she can find somewhere to say for a week when we get back coz her family is going away.

This is all in the first week of the summer hols 1998 so I won’t worry about it just yet! [As if. I could easily worry about something for an entire year.]


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