Lucy will be a hippy – 28th & 29th September 1997

Sunday 28th I forgot to mention yesterday that Man U lost their first match to Leeds 1-0. I think I probably blanked it out of my mind.

Emma told me that The Full Monty was sold out so they had to go and see Austin Powers instead which is meant to be crap! Ha, ha, ha!!! Emma also mentioned that Dougie was going to see it with Ed, the Germans, Lucy and Poppy. Poor lad!

Not much has happened today except my cousin Rhian rang from Wick sounding miserable. It turns out she’s fallen out with her friend Clementine. That happened to me in Year 7 at high school [Courtesy of these two cowbags.] so I know how she feels.

x BYE! x

Monday 29th Urgh! I hate Mondays sometimes! After 2 days of being able to wake up at any time, it’s a shock when Mum yells up the stairs at 7:00 am!

Lucy said she did go to the cinema with those people yesterday only she went to see Air Force One instead.

We were doing this thing in English to do with The Crucible and I have to do a made up interview with Lucy and Ed. He thinks the 2 Germans are lesbians because they kept kissing at the cinema so he doesn’t fancy them anymore.

Lucy seemed to enjoy the night though coz she smiles every time you mention it. She fancies Dougie definitely and I think she fancies Ed too and I’m not going to leave it until I get her to admit it!

September 1997 - Peace, love

♥ BYE! ♥

P.S. I also think Lucy will be a hippy when she grows up!

September 1997 - Hippy flower

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