There’s a field full of elephants – 27th September 1997

Saturday 27th There’s a field full of elephants up the road! No joke. [This happened. I wasn’t delirious from whatever bug I’d had in the week.] It makes a change from cows anyway! There’s a circus on actually with animals and they’re keeping 3 elephants outside. I’m not going coz I don’t like the circus. I hate clowns and it’s cruel to the animals.

Dad took Abby and I into Bolton today. He wanted to get a Bolton Wanderers top from a Reebok shop. On the way, he took us past the new Reebok Stadium. It’s brilliant! I hate to say it but, from the outside, it’s actually (just slightly) more impressive than Old Trafford.

Dad didn’t actually buy any Reebok gear but he got a catalogue so he can order stuff from home which is easier coz he’s not sure what he wants yet. He spent £80 on me and Abby though and wouldn’t let me pay half for me. He bought us both a Manchester Utd white away shirt. They’re brill! He must have been feeling generous! It looks a bit like this:-

September 1997 - MUFC shirt then

[It looked exactly like that. I know because I found it stuffed in the back of a drawer 18 years on…]

September 1997 - MUFC shirt now.JPG

All my friends have gone to the cinema this evening. They went to see The Full Monty which is meant to be really funny but my mum wouldn’t let me go coz she says it’s about male strippers. Emma said Cat wasn’t allowed either. I don’t mind but I would’ve liked to have gone too.


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