I’m just amazed she can breathe – 23rd September 1997

Tuesday 23rd There was a mouse in our Science lab this morning. It was a wild one just running round the floor during a Physics test. I think someone put it out at break though.

Mr B (P.E. teacher) is really pissing me off. He keeps asking me questions and calling me Teresa. [A common mistake that I was probably too shy to correct. After correcting another teacher once, she said, “Well, Teresa must be the name on your birth certificate”. Er… nope.] He usually uses Jez or Daisy as examples too.

Mr P was on telly last night on ‘Here + Now’ about his brass band that’s turned acid. He didn’t actually say anything though.

Every lad in the school is in love with Lucy’s German girl. I’m just amazed she can breathe with all the make-up she wears! [Coming over here for A WEEK! Wearing MAKE-UP! Making ALL THE BOYS fall in LOVE with them! To that, mega-jealous teen me said NEIN DANKE!]

Bolton have beaten Spurs 1-0. Nice one, Bolton! How humiliated Adam’ll be!

I was talking to someone from our school on the internet tonight. I’m not sure who he is but he says he’s called Paul, he’s got a girlfriend called Caroline, he’s 15 (Year 11) and lives near Warrington. We won’t tell him who we are but we said we know someone who fancies Charlie Wilson. That was probably stupid coz if he asks Charlie who fancies him, he’s bound to say Emma and Emma knows I’ve got the internet. Our screen name gives it away a bit too.


P.S. Spurs scored.

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