It was really scary! – 19th September 1997

Saturday 20th Ok, 1st thing to mention – football. [Uuugh. Why did I care?] It’s not fair!!! Dad got to see Man Utd play in Bolton. I wanted to go. It was 0-0 and Pallister and Blake got sent off in the 34th minute after a bad tackle from Blake down Pally’s [Pally?! No. Less of that.] calf muscle which caused him to turn around and look threatening. At least both teams were only 10 players.

I went to the cinema this evening with Cat, Lizzie, Freda and Emma to see ‘Romy + Michele’s High School Reunion’. It was a good, funny film but I can’t be bothered explaining it.

Afterwards, we were going to get a pizza at the cinema but there was a really long queue so we walked to McDonald’s. Emma and I were way ahead of the others and it was really scary! It was dark and quiet roads with gangs of lads and men. We had to keep running. We were almost at McD’s when a car stopped by us, full of men. They asked us where a pub was but it was really scary coz they could have pulled us in.

After a McChicken sandwich meal (yum) we tried to phone Freda’s mum but the phone in McD’s was knackered. We went to a BP petrol station but that phone was broken too. We walked all the way back to the cinema and Freda’s dad came to get us eventually.


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