He reminds me of a hamster – 18th September 1997

 Thursday 18th Oh, it was good at the beginning of Geography. I got there quite early and there was only me and Dougie at our desks. [We had punctual swottiness in common.] I was in 1st and I was glaring at Davis whilst listening into his conversation with Mrs C.

Dougie walked in and said “Hi”. He waved his hands in front of my eyes and said. “You’re staring into space!” I said something about Davis and then I was sat talking to Dougie bout Emma being ready to kill me and Lucy being mad. Lizzie and Neil came then and joined in.

When he was talking to me, Dougie was leaning right up close on the desk and smiling. He reminds me of a hamster when he grins sometimes but it’s kinda cute!

I’m meant to be having orchestra tomorrow after school but I don’t want to go coz I’ll be on my bill coz Emma’s going to her grandad’s funeral. I’m worried that all the little Year 7s are going to take our places.



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