They’re all wimps – 16th September 1997

General 1997 - Peace Love etc
Tuesday 16th
Hello again! I’m back.

There was a ski meeting at break today for the payment slip things to be given out. Emma was trying not to panic when Charlie Wilson wasn’t there at the beginning! He came eventually and stood there chewing the top of his coat and watching us.

P.E. (theory) was awful today. Rachael H and I were late coz of the meeting then Mr B kept asking me questions. I also kept catching Jez Greenhalgh looking at me.


P.S. I told Davis in Maths exactly what I think of American football. It’s not football at all. It’s just glorified rugby only with padding coz they’re all wimps and are scared of breaking something. Like a nail! [Just like Premiership footballers.] That’s just my [very uninformed – I’d never watched any] opinion though!

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