He looks so perfect! – 12th September 1997

Friday 12th I think Emma’s forgiven me and Freda now! She had a shock this afternoon though coz I mentioned that Freda had said something to Neil so Emma went to him with me, Cat and Lizzie and asked him what she’d said. We all had a shock when he came out with a straight, “Oh, she just said that Emma wanted to lose her virginity to me!” You should’ve seen the look on Emma’s face! I wish I’d had a camera! She was shocked and embarrassed. It was so funny! [No! That was MEAN. Bad Tess!]

It was funny at lunch too. Cat, Lizzie and I went out to The Quiet Shop to get junk food and we were just crossing the road and we passed some of Dougie’s mates. Another one ran past us and caught up with them. We got round the corner and saw Dougie waiting outside the shop. He was waiting for ages until he saw Freddie run off back to school! I think he’d been waiting for them, thinking they were still in the shop! Ahh, poor Dougie!

I got the The Quiet Shop and Danny Barnes was in there. He’s in the year above me and is drop dead gorgeous! Honestly, he looks so perfect! He works on the lighting team for school productions and he has to dress in black for it and he looks like such a babe!

Dougie had another embarrassing thing happen to him in P.S.E. We’d been told to draw a spider diagram by the bossy cow herself (Mrs L) and we had to draw a square box in the centre. She went round checking everyone’s. The boy next to him didn’t use a ruler so he had to start again. She got to Dougie’s and told the whole class that he’d tried to be clever and had drawn a 3D box! She said it jokily but he was still embarrassed, I could tell. He doesn’t go too red, he just shakes his head and tries to explain!


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