Our head of year has been having an affair! – 8th September 1997

Monday 8th Emma reckons Dougie fancies me. I don’t agree with her. Like me, maybe, but I don’t think he fancies me. I don’t know what made her say that coz she said the other day that even though she doesn’t like him anymore (she used to), she doesn’t want anyone else to have him. Weird!

Today I had Maths, English, Art, Science and French. Nothing worth mentioning happened.

There’s a rumour flying round school at the moment that our head of year (Mr M) has been having an affair with an ex-college student! A girl in my form said that her sister knew the girl (Leanne or something) and that she admitted it.

She also said that her mum works in the bank and Mr M came in and got an account changed or something coz he was moving in with another woman. Cat also spotted that his ring’s gone off his wedding finger and a few other people have noticed that too.

This Leanne girl was in school and helping with Industry Week and loads of people saw her permanently in his office!

I’m not sure if believe some of it coz it seems to be getting more exaggerated by the minute. Such as, today he was meant to be losing his job.

I’ve got the theory part of P.E. tomorrow and I really am dreading it. In the afternoon I’ve got the running part and you get mixed up with other groups for that. It’s the morning I’m most worried about. I still haven’t found anyone I know who’s got it. Well, there’s bound to be someone I know but it’s unlikely to be someone I like or who likes me, is it?! In the room we’ll be in, I can’t even sit on my own desk coz they’re all joined together.

I really don’t want to do it. I can feel already that it’s going to be awful. I’ll have no-one I know to talk to and no-one will want to share a book with me, even if they have to. No-one will want me sitting with them and they’ll have their own groups of friends and won’t include me. Mr B will pick on me to answer questions and I’ll embarrass myself and everyone will laugh.

[Jesus Christ! I know what I was doing though. I was thinking the absolute worst (bar the room filling with giant moths and a tidal wave rushing in) so that I would be pleasantly surprised if it wasn’t that bad. GO PESSIMISM!]

None of my friends give a toss about me. They’re all just glad it’s not them!


4 thoughts on “Our head of year has been having an affair! – 8th September 1997

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